Monday, March 30, 2009

Giant Eggs are a Herald of Spring!

Nope, we didn't get a duck. One of the hens is really outdoing herself. On the left is a regular egg of the everyday sort, and on the right is the super gigantic egg I collected the other day.

On the left is the regular egg cracked open and on the right is the contents of mr. monster egg. We were hoping for a triple yolk is such a big one, but double is all right by me as well.

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Melonie said...

Wow - that's a pretty serious egg. All of those yolks remind me: I bought my first local eggs the other day and used them that night. I had some mainland ones to use up and I could totally tell the difference because of the yolk color!

Bethany said...

Serious. That's that perfect word. I guess we have one serious hen.

There can be quite a difference, can't there? I just love them, I'm so lucky we got to have our chickens.

Blue Castle said...

Wow. I didn't know such a thing could happen. That hen deserves an award. :)

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