Monday, March 23, 2009

Plans for the Week

Oleander Flowers
Ben took this picture when we lived in AZ.

Well, I did get the kitchen rearranging pretty much finished. I still haven't decided on a definate plan for storing the lunch things and small food storage containers. But I did find a home for my cast iron pans other than the stove-top! And I made my glass fronted cabinets look a little cuter by storing the glass jars full of dried beans and oatmeal and such in them. Though now I can't decide if it looks weird to have glasses and food in the same cabinets. And just as I typed that, I thought well, I'll consolidate and make one a food cabinet and the other a dishes and glasses cabinet, instead of a little of each in each. Will it never end, this arranging!?

We had friends over on Saturday for Corned Beef and Cabbage in honor of St. Patricks Day. We also spent some time this weekend watching movies and just hanging out. But our big project was building an herb bed in the backyard. It's not quite finished yet, but I am planning to document it in it's own separate post. We're both so proud of it, we keep walking past the windows just to look out at it.

So, today I want to post some of my big plans for the week, and keep myself accountable. I know that if I say I'll do things outloud to someone or put them in writing (especially here on my blog where other people can read them), I'll be way more likely to get them finished.

At the end of the week, we'll be having out of town guests coming to stay for the weekend. Julie and Brian will be here on Friday evening. Hooray for her Spring Break!

Here are the bare minimum things I have to finish before they get here:
1. Make my sewing room a nice guest area
2. Plan meals and make sure I have the groceries in stock
3. Clean floors well
4. Vacuum couch very well
5. Take down St. Patrick's Day decorations

Here are things I'd like to have done this week
1. Finish bulding herb bed and do some planting in it
2. Complete the kitchen rearrange fully
3. Clean off the bill payer's desk in the living room and decide if it should really be there
4. Pick up chairs from another member of the homemaker's club so I'll have enough at the meeting I'm hosting
5. Paint the naked rocking chairs on the porch
6. Trim the bushes and plants in front of the house
7. Un-winter the chickens and get their coop moved to a green area of the yard
8. Till in the current chicken yard mess
9. Of course, keep up the regular work, like the laundry and the dishes

Here is my to-do list for today that I hope will help me accomplish these things:
1. My regular morning routine of six things:
A. Get Up, Get Clean, Get Dressed
B. Dishes and cleaning kitchen
C. Sifting litter and taking out trash
D. Listening to the bible readings for the day
E. Making the bed and cleaning the bedroom
F. Animal chores (fresh food and water for chickens and cats, collecting eggs, etc.)
2. Haul bricks and stack to finsh the last run on the herb border
3. Trim shrubs and trees in front landscaping
4. Start hardening off herb seedlings
5. Put away all sewing room things, fold up furniture and push to walls (this might be a two day process... I've been sewing without cleaning up behind myself again)
6. Rearrange top kitchen cabinets so the food is in one and the glasses and dishes are together in the other
7. Finish a load of laundry
8. Start gathering up St. Patrick's Day things
9. Buy topsoil for herb bed and a storage bin for the St. Patty's decorations

Well, that's generally what's going on with me this week. I would also like to start and finish the April tray cloth, but that's not a huge priorty compared to the rest. Though I should definately have time for it, I think.

Right now I'm going to have to get myself motivated to stop watching the robins out front building their nests and get up and get working on my own.

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chicory cottage said...

that's quite a list! how industrious! blessings to you this week!

Captain's Wife - Jennifer said...

I love TO DO lists! :) Wishing you luck with your list this week...looks like it is going to be a busy one! I have been Robin gazing too...due to my great grandma, they are my favorite bird!

Bethany said...

Thank you ladies. It's going well so far. I love to do lists as well, even reading other people's.

Mrs. Mordecai said...

Having your food on display in the glass cupboards sounds so cute! I've thought it would be fun to have glass jars around the edge of my counter, but Red Chief makes that a bit impractical as he likes to get into things.

Good luck with everything today!

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