Tuesday, March 03, 2009

Some Old Family Photos

Today I'm sharing some different family photos that I have stored on my computer. I scanned and reprinted them for my dad, but decided that I'd really like to display more photos around the house, so I was sorting through them to have some printed for myself to frame.

This is my Grandpa Salgat. He passed away before I was born, so I never met him. He's my dad's dad, and I know he was quiet and knew a ton about gardening. My mom told me that he liked to tease my Grandma Salgat a lot. He farmed for a living and had four children, three boys and one girl.

This is my Grandpa Trudell. I'm jealous of his hair. I think he's only about twelve in this picture, but is it any wonder Grandma fell for him just a few years later? Grandpa Trudell passed away about 5 years ago. He was an excellent outdoorsman, he loved to hunt and to fish. He was an ice fisher, and I remember going to their house one day after school, and seeing all his money and wallet on the porch held down by rocks, because he'd fallen through that day and had to put them out to dry. He had high standards about using your head and thinking things through and doing things well and correctly.
These are my dad and my mom when they were in grade school. Sometimes, it's creepy for me to see pictures of my mom when she was young because it's sort of like it could be a picture of me, but isn't. See how my dad has the mischief in him? He still does. He likes to tease my mom a lot too.
Here is me when I'm four or so. Dad always always used to leave his boots on the porch to dry. I remember that from all my growing up years. But I don't remember this picture being taken. I'm loving that trench coat though. They tell me this wasn't staged, but that I put my shoes there myself to be like dad. See my hands? I still do that all the time, and am always getting caught in pictures like that. I think some of our wedding photos have me holding my hands like that.
This is my cute little brother who just turned 25 last week. He's really funny and likes to make fun of me a lot. He's also artistic and deep, but wouldn't want you to know it when you first meet him. He and I have similar senses of humor and connect about cooking and making things and writing, but don't really have a lot in common when it comes to "cool" things, like music or parties or social settings, where he far surpasses me.

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Captain's Wife - Jennifer said...

What a sweet post. :)

Alison said...

Did you think your grandpa Salgat always dressed like that when he was working outdoors?

I love that picture of your dad!

Also, I think I've seen that picture of you with the shoes before.

Julie said...

I love that one of you soooooo much! And your dad hasn't changed a bit.

Bethany said...

Jennifer, thank you.

Ali, I asked my dad the same thing about that picture of my grandpa. He said that he must have been out in the garden getting things for dinner after church or something, since those would be his church clothes. I was pretty impressed with his fashion sense. I wish men still dressed like that.

Ma had the picture of me on the tv at their house for a long time when we were in high school, I think.

Jules, I know, he's still that little kid sometimes!

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