Friday, April 03, 2009

Around the Place

Last night was quite stormy, with lots of rain and heavy wind, but this morning is fair and bright. The sun is shining, but it's much colder out than it looks from my couch, and I was really wishing I'd put on my coat when I went to put out the trash and feed the chickens earlier.

Here is a plant that I've managed not to kill yet. And it even lives in a pot! My elderly neighbor, Leeza, gave me these hens and chicks that she dug from her own garden. She's excellent at plants, so she gives me her surplus.
This is the front landscaping as it looks right now. The hydrangas are starting to get little baby leaves, but they look like dead sticks for now. I don't know what the shrubs in front of the porch are, but they're covered in those pretty white flowers this morning. Eventually, I'll put something in that hanging planter and hang it on the hook that it's meant for... but I'm the biggest procrastinator in the world when it comes to gardening.
The catnip's been growing leaps and bounds and will be gigantic by the middle of summer. I didn't realize that it would be one of the very first things back again after the winter, but it's definately one of my favorites. Especially considering that my tulips didn't bloom, it's nice to have the catnip around, cheerfully reassuring me that I can grow something.

My little brother Adam made me a mixed tape for my birthday, which was excellent and tons of fun to listen to and hear what music he thought I'd like. I'm not a big music person, I usually listen to books or podcasts, but sometimes I want to hear music, but don't know what I'd like. It was super fun to have someone else do the choosing.

Speaking of podcasts, I've been listening to SaintCast lately, and I love it! It's very well made and is just chock full of dorky facts and historical things like I really enjoy learning. Also, Grace Before Meals is lots of fun too. I know I'm desperate for cooking shows without foodnetwork, but this is a pretty good one nonetheless.

This morning, I've got some cleaning to do, the master bathroom is crying out for some spring cleaning and organizing and then, this afternoon, I'm either going to knit and embroider and read OR dig up invasive mint that I should have known better than to plant and mulch things some more.

The former sounds lazy, but I actually have some fairly important projects to get finished. I'm knitting a hat for Julie that I'd like to have sent to her before summer comes, plus I want to finish the embroidery for the April tray-cloth, so I can use it next week when I'm having lots of different company over. I also have to get started on the embroidery for the First Communion Dress that's due in May. I don't have the pattern or fabric yet, but I can get started on the design, which will go long way to having everything finished on time, if I get started as soon as I can with something.

The latter does sound important, but it's really cold out, and I'm wimpy enough just to wait and see if it won't be a bit warmer tomorrow. So I guess I talked myself right into what I'm planning to do this afternoon. Knitting sounds much cozier than digging mint out of the mud. And the whole sad mint story should be it's own post anyway. It's a woeful story of inexperience and star-crossed love. Well, not so much the love part.

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Melonie said...

Pssst - you've been blogtipped - and won an award. :-)

Adam J. said...

What are you going to do with the catnip?

Captain's Wife - Jennifer said...

I adore hens and chicks! I need to get some. They are such a granny plant, and I love that! :) I am having the opposite mint issue...I want to plant a little and can't find seeds. Where in the world do you get mint?

Bethany said...

Melonie, Thanks so much! That's very nice of you.

Adam, give it to the cats? Maybe I'll have to make some cat toys stuffed with it to sell on etsy.

Jennifer, I bought a peppermint plant from the girl who sells herbs at our local farmers' market. I know that you can find the plants at walmart and other garden places. And seedsavers exchange sells spearmint seeds. I'm jealous of your stevia! I'll have to order some of those seeds. And here I thought I have too many seeds!

Mary said...

I have a hard time growing Catnip because neighborhood cats get into it and roll around and kill it. But when you don't have that problem then the Catnip will do like other mints and just take over. I have some lemon balm that is in the mint family too and it even grew under my house and came up on the other side!
Mints are funny like that.

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