Wednesday, April 29, 2009

As the Beppy Turns

It's an overcast gray day today, which is actually just perfect. After last weekend of summertime temps and bright sun, I welcome a little more cool and gray. All those summer temperatures took me (and my unshaved legs) by surprise. Good thing I wasn't out of razors or shaving cream. In the summertime, I like to shave my legs everyday, that way it's much easier and takes about two minutes. And I don't have to plan ahead to wear a shorts or a dress. I suppose I could take that to extremes and do the same in the winter. But I'm no leg shaving radical.

Pumpkin Leather Update: The parchment paper worked beautifully and the roll-ups came right off. Unfortunately, as you can see pictured above, I over-dried this batch a bit and it ended up more like pumpkin brittle. It's not burned though, just crunchy, so still plenty edible. A tip - Don't oil the parchment paper. It doesn't need it, and ends up doing more harm than good, since it just pools under the puree and never dries and just makes the finished product all oily.

I finished the bodice of the First Communion Dress yesterday, and today I my set goal is to finish the skirts and hems. That will leave Friday for putting in the zipper and getting it all packed up and ready to ship on Saturday. (I'm going to be busy at an event with the homemakers' club most of tomorrow.) I'm thinking I'll insure it for $400 or so, then, if it gets lost, that'll go a long way to easing my pain. :)

This past weekend we planted more onion starts and some potatoes. We're trying a bit of an experiment with them, using the rotted straw on top, instead of burying them. My dad says it might not work because the straw might not block the light well enough and the taters will turn green. But I've done it now, so the best I can do is to make sure and pile the straw really deep. We also built some tripod supports and planted Amish Snap Peas, Purple Podded Pole Beans, and some pickles to climb up them.

The mixed flower seeds we tossed down (well, we did till and rake, then toss, and rake again) on the chickens' winter yard started sprouting yesterday. The wet weather must have given them a push, and now we're seeing all sorts of cute little flower sprouts.

My seedlings are doing okay. I've lost some of them to damping off, but I sprinkled them all with cinnamon, put the ceiling fan on low in there all the time, and moved the grow light a bit higher, and it's been two days since any have keeled over, so I think the ones that are left are going all right. It's hard to tell though, until they just die, since they'll look fine and then boom, nothing you can do to fix it.

I'd better get to work now and sew, because I'd also like to mow some of the lawn this afternoon, but the sewing take precedence. And it always takes longer to sew things than I estimate it will! Maybe I'll time myself so I can get a better idea of how quickly/slowly it goes. I think there's generally some sort of sewing time warp that takes place, making four hours seem like one.

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Bonnie Story said...

Great tips today! Cinnamon to prevent damping off - that is really cool. Thanks for the pumpkin leather tips - I think you just saved me a few hours at least. Speaking of legs - I just got one of those diamond-dust buffing pads that is supposed to rub off leg hair - I have not tried it yet because you are supposed to let the hair grow out first *groan*. But I hate stubble, and I'll try anything to not have it. Hubby says it feels like sharkskin... good grief!

Julie said...

HA! "No leg shaving radical" Love it! That is not a bandwagon I want to get on either.

Bethany said...

Did the rubbing thing work well? I always figured it would just rub your skin off too, so I've never tried it. Though my sister really wants to.

The cinnamon was something I read about on another couple of sites, along with misting with chamomile tea or misting with a solution made by crushing garlic in water and shaking it up.

It's just asking a bit much to have to shave our legs all the time in the winter. I stand against that abuse.

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