Thursday, April 16, 2009

Book Shelf

Those of you who know me in real life already know this. I, at any given time, can be counted on to have three to ten books in progress. They are usually scattered around the house, lying open where I've paused, or if they're lucky, with receipts or junk mail, or even magazines marking my place. They're on the arms of chairs, and the backs of the couches, on my bedside tables, on the kitchen counters, in the bathrooms on the edge of the tub, or the back of the toilet. I managed to break myself of the habit of leaving them outside when I was in grade school and I had to pay to replace one too many damaged books from the library. And now, they're packed into my mp3 player and being downloaded daily to my laptop. I'm Beppy. I'm a bibliophile.

I've gotten a lucky run lately and at the moment am reading a number of books that are good enough to recommend.

Mary Bell's Complete Dehydrator Book is one that I read about on Melonie's blog. It sounded like a good one, so I put my library reserve on it right away. I just love using the library's site for interloan and digital books! It's proving to be so informative, and very interesting! The part I'm most looking forward to, which looks like it will be very useful, is the large section of recipes using dehydrated foods. I'm always ready to dry foods when we harvest them, but usually find myself at a loss when it comes to using them for anything but snacking.

The Ruth Stout No-Work Garden Book is a fun read that has me wanting to get out into the garden. And though I don't know if the mulching method will work in our garden exclusively, I do know that it's doing wonders for my herbs and shrubs. And it'll be great to experiment with the onion and potato methods of just throwing mulch on them and letting the go.

A Midwife's Tale by Laurel Thatcher Ulrich is a really fascinating book about life in early America. So far, I've learned that communities then were much more intertwined at that time, with daughters going from house to house, and neighbors truly taking care of each other (with hard things, like nursing sickness and housekeeping and such, not just with a casserole) and expecting the same in return. I'm looking forward to really getting into this one, since I'm just in the second chapter right now.

A Pioneer Sampler by Barbara Greenwood is a book I bought last week at the gift shop under the Gateway Arch. I completely recommend it for homeschoolers and for families looking for fun historical activities. It's a mixture of stories about a pioneer family, text book style diagrams and definitions, and activities with fun crafts or ideas, that represent authentic pioneer skills. There are instructions for growing a potato plant and making butter, among lots of other fun crafts and recipes.

So that's a small sampling of the books that I'm mistreating in the name of learning at the moment.

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Alison said...

I have that dehydrator book. I just recently bought a dehydrator, though I haven't yet had the time to use it. I've flipped through the book and it looks really good.

Blue Castle said...

I'm not the only one with a book stashed in the bathroom? Whew. :) I seriously have at least one book in there and that seems to be the only time I get to read.

Mrs. Mordecai said...

I'm glad I'm not the only one who reads so many books at a time. My husband laughs at me for it, but I have to read what I'm in the mood for, right?

Thanks for the tip-off about beets. I hadn't heard that, and I love beets, so I'm going to add them to my shopping list.

Bethany said...

Ali, I finished up readingn it through, and I liked it well enough that I'm planning to buy it. I think that I might experiment a little with making some of our tomato sauce in leather form this year, so we'll have more room for storage.

Sarah, you mean that's not completely normal?

Mrs. Mordecai, exactly! Unless it's the only thing going on, I can't concentrate on the history books as well, but the recipe books or gardening books, those I can read even if Ben's watching tv or some such.

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