Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Domestic Plans

I've got some fun plans and some not so fun plans for today. The fun includes experimenting with my food dehydrator a bit, using the recipes from the cookbook I just finished reading. And working on embroidering a label for the First Communion dress. The not so fun plans involve getting started on mowing the lawn and doing all the dirty laundry I can find, down to the last sock. Not that laundry is hard, I just don't like matching socks.

I watched a movie on the Netflix instant viewer with Clive Owen in it that was a very good movie. It's called Greenfingers, and it's about a prison where the inmates start a garden and get to enter a competition with it. It had brief nudity, so heads up there, and there was lots of swearing as well, so not kid appropriate. It was a nice story, even if it was a tiny bit predictable.

It was way better than the other movie I watched last night, Made of Honor, even taking into account that that movie had Kevin McKidd in a kilt. Which was the highlight of the movie that made it worth watching.

Seed Update: The tomatoes and some of the herbs have sprouted, but the peppers have still not made an appearance. I might try rearranging the flats so that the herbs that take longer to germinate are in with the peppers, and the tomatoes with the peppers can be in an already propped open flat. We're also planning a new way to store them and get them in the sunshine and keep them away from the cats. I'll definately post about it if it works.

Right now, while I embroider, I'm watching/listening to the Ken Burns documentary on the Corps of Discovery and the Lewis and Clark expedition. It's also on the Netflix site. The best part of the netflix service is the instant viewer, and we get so much use out of it since we've hooked the computer to the television last fall. It's cheaper than having to have dish network too, since we can't get cable where we live. And between Netflix and Fancast, we're absolutely never at a loss for television entertainment.

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Worknprogress said...

Ha! Like you say, Made of Honor was a bit of a let down, especially because Patrick Dempsey was the playboy like in most of his films in the 80's. I figured he could get cast as anything he'd want by now with his success on GA.

But, at least it was more eye candy on film--between him and Kevin McKidd on screen and on tv--given enough screenplays and sitcoms, they could rule the screens! Whooo-haaaa-hooo!

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