Thursday, April 23, 2009

First Communion Dress Project - Part 2 - Supplies and Prep

Yesterday I got the pattern laid out and all cut out for Julia's dress. I absolutely think that cutting out the pattern is the very worst part of sewing. So I was disciplined and cut every piece I'll be needing yesterday, lining included. That way, I won't have to go back to it in the middle of sewing. I still have to mark them before I unpin the pattern, but that won't be annoying.

Here's the pallette of supplies. The pinks are will be much subtler accents when the dress is complete. The pink fabric will be a small band and bow around the empire waist, I still haven't decided if I'll use the pink embroidery floss in the design, and the ribbon is for trimming the inside along the zipper and lining edges. I'll use the beads as accents in the embroidery, and I'm also hoping to use them along the neckline, if I have time for extras like that.

Here's the pattern all laid out. I couldn't get the selvedge edges to be perfectly straight with out shifting the grain along the fold of fabric, so I used the fabric's grain as the guide. It's annoying how easily satin fabrics can get pulled out of grain. But I was very careful with the skirt, which is the part I want to be most sure will hang correctly.

This fabric is plain white bridal satin (polyester, I think), and I'm going to fully line the dress using plain white cotton. The pattern only calls for a bodice lining, but I think it's nicer to have an underskirt as well, and it'll make finishing the bottom edge of the bodice lining easier than stitching to the waist would be. This way, I can just serge a rolled hem on both skirt hems and have the skirt lining to finish the bodice lining waist.

I started work on the embroidery, but I had to take it all out because it looked really messy. I got some DMC Light Effects embroidery floss because I though Julia would really like the shimmer, but it's really hard to work with, and looks kind of haphazard on the fabric since it's so stiff. I'm think of using regular cotton floss, and then threading the stitches on the surface with the shimmering kind. That way, I won't have to pull that rough, stiff stuff through the satin fabric a lot.

I set up the embroidery by making a template that is the size of the area that will be showing on the inset that I drafted, then pinned it to the fabric in the hoop, and used my dissappearing pen to draw the correct shape.

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First Communion Dresses said...

Looks like making the dress is going well so far. I'm sure it will come out beautiful!

Julie said...

That is going to be soooo pretty.

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