Tuesday, April 28, 2009

First Communion Dress Project - Part 3 - Embroidered Inset

The faux wrap bodice of Julia's First Communion Dress that I'm designing has an embroidered inset, like a layer under the dress. I started the embroidery by tracing the template I'd made that represented the actual area that's going to be visible after the dress is finished. Then I drew the cross design.
I traced it onto my fabric in the embroidery hoop, centering it in the template I'd already drawn there, using my water soluble pen.
After finishing the embroidery, I used the pattern piece I'd drafted for the inset and cut out the entire thing, being sure to center the embroidery. I also cut the same piece out of the lining fabric.

I sewed the inset and the lining right sides together along the top and pressed the lining to the back side.
After trimming them, I edge stitched the top edge and finished the raw edges along the sides together.

The embroidery is done with three strands of regular cotton floss in a rope stitch (or twisted chain stitch), which I then whipped with a strand each of DMC light effects in white and pink. I did it this way, because the light effects floss is fairly rough, and tore the satin fabric when it was drawn through. By just whipping it around the regular floss stitches, I only had to draw it through the fabric a few times. It adds a subtle iridescence to the embroidery. The beads are clear iridescent seed beads. I'm planning to accent the neckline with the same beads so wanted to use them a little here to draw it all together.

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Captain's Wife - Jennifer said...

Wow...that looks beautiful! :)

Bonnie Story said...

Wow, that is very sweet. I like how you utilize the different threads to their full advantage by working out a clever approach. It's going to be fun watching how you put the dress all together. I all impressed with how you did the pattern and made all the cuts. Inspirational! -- Bonnie

Julie said...

Awwww! That's really sweet!

Bethany said...

Thank you all! I'm glad you think it's turning out well!

Blue Castle said...

Beautiful! You do such nice work. :)

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