Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Happy Earth Day!

My new seedlings wanted to say hello.

Here's a tray of peppers all cozy on their heating pad. The crazy leggy ones in the back? Those are tomatoes, showing off for the peppers. In here are Tommy Toe tomatoes, Opalka tomatoes, Hot Portugal pepper, Bull Nosed peppers, King of the North peppers, Hungarian Hot peppers, and some plain old green bell peppers.

This entire tray is Opalka tomatoes. Hmmmm.... tomato sauce.

This tray is quite an assortment. There's camomile, lavender, dill, luffa, more Opalka, and the crazy leggy things in this one are broccoli. I honestly have no idea if starting broccoli like this will work, but none of the seeds I sowed straight into the garden came up, so I'm willing to experiment.

Actually, all seed starting is an experiment for me, because I've never actually been able to start anything from seed like this successfully. I have high hopes for these baby little green things though. This time, they're going to live. I can just feel it.

I'm going to celebrate Earth Day by planting 11 new trees in my yard today. It's convenient that my Arbor Day Foundation trees came just in time.

I encourage you all to plant something today too. And because I tend toward the practical and I think they're more useful, plant a food source, like a tomato or some herbs or an apple tree, or start really easy and go with radishes. It's important that more people get their hands in the dirt and watch something they love grow. It'll remind everyone exactly what it is they're all about saving when they say, "Save the Earth".

Because Earth doesn't really need us much...
we sure as heck need her a lot more.

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Mrs. Mordecai said...

I want to plant trees too! Today I can't because I'm in no state to dig holes and we're doing fire safety with the Cub Scouts tonight, but I'm afraid that before long, my poor husband will be out digging holes in the yard.

I think it was the swingset. We have no trees in the backyard, and I'd really like to get some in.

Bethany said...

Maybe you could convice your scouts that they have to practice digging holes so that they'll have dirt to smother their fires?

We don't have any trees either, except two flowering right by the front of the house, and poplars on the property line. No shade anywhere else in our big yard!

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