Thursday, April 23, 2009

Shhhh... it's a secret.

I'm going to let you in on something.
My flowering crabapple tree has a secret hidden among its fragrant branches.
Isn't she sweet?

I'd live in there too, if I could fit. That's the best smelling tree ever.

I think there's robins nesting in the porch pillar as well or some kind of black birds. Which isn't exactly as cute, since they're making quite a mess up there and all over the porch steps. I'll have to block it up once the babies are big.

I'm going to be working on the big dress project today, since I got the go ahead from the long-distance fitting we did. I need to design the embroidery for the top inset and get it worked up today. I'm torn between hand or machine embroidery. I automatically thought hand embroidery because it seems more personal and I enjoy it more. But machine embroidery is slicker and with people being more used to it's result reads as much more professional. I think I'll work it up by hand today, and if I'm not happy with it, I can always do another with the machine.

I should also mow the lawn some. I've been doing a bit everyday, but I had worked it out with Ben that he would do the bit today, so I wouldn't have to while I'm working on the dress, because it can hurt my hands and arms and neck so much to have to mow the deep clover. But, it's going to rain late this afternoon, just before he gets home, and then we'll have missed the chance for today's bit of mowing. The ultimate goal is to mow some of the lawn every single day, so eventually, it won't be difficult to do, it'll just be maintenance every day. But we didn't get a quick enough start on it, so this initial mowing is proving to be difficult because the clover is thick and deep right now. I'm listening to a really good book right now, by Shannon Hale (Book of 1000 days) so I don't mind so much the doing of it. And once it's all been cut once, I'll go through and keep it down, so it won't be difficult to get through after this.

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Captain's Wife - Jennifer said...

What a beautiful tree and the birdie is too cute tucked in there. We have barn swallows that like to nest everywhere, but especially under the carport and poop on the van. I am voting for hand embroider (are we even allowed to vote? LOL) But I know what you are saying about machine embroider. Looking forward to seeing it!

Bonnie Story said...

Bethany, Mrs. Robin is so cute. That tree is gorgeous - I would love to have a crabapple or two! Good luck with the mowing and you are right about the rain and mowing opportunities. I love your hand embroidery and I think it's better than machine-done. There! I said it. Have a great day!! Bonnie

Alison said...

"big dress project", is that a big project or a big dress?

I love peeking in on bird nests, not like that is my hobby or anything. Professional Bird Nest Stalker.

Blue Castle said...

What a beautiful tree! What a sweet place to make a nest. :) I just know my trees will bloom any day now. You're slightly ahead of us.

Bethany said...

Jennifer and Bonnie, thanks so much for your input about my sewing project. It's absolutely appreciated.

Ali, it's actually quite a little dress, since Donna's kids are so small, but it's quite a big project, since Aunt Beth is a show-off.

I like bird nest peeping too. I really want to catch the nest without her in it sometime, so I can see the eggs. I guess you and I could be partners in crime and nest stalk together.

Sarah, I've been surprised by spring being so cold, but the blooms coming at what seems to me such an early time. The magnolias are come and gone already. Then again, there aren't magnolias where I grew up, so I don't really know what their natural habits are.

Julie said...

I've often thought it would be wonderful to live in a crab apple. They're just so soft and beautiful looking.

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