Wednesday, April 01, 2009

Sometimes it's better just to get to work

So, despite my odd mood yesterday (it's pretty bad when your own mood swings can bother you), I decided to buckle down and just get some work done. I mulched very well and heavily around our grape plants, and our blueberry twigs, and the tiny little forsythia babies. It was nice to get that finished so that the grass will stop choking them all. And in the case of the forsythia, so they'll stop getting mowed over, poor babies.

I'm hoping to get a little something or other done in the garden today, like planting some lettuce and bunching onions. I know planting in mud isn't the wisest choice, but it'll be too hot for any greens pretty soon.

I have to hurry today, because Ben wants me to go with him this morning to run some errands, but I think I'll double post and show some of my activites from yesterday later on today. Have a great morning, everyone!

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chicory cottage said...

good for you for slogging through the moods! i often find that working, even if it is something light and simple, is a good way to get through moodiness. so is singing a hymn and/or focusing my mind on a favorite passage of Scripture. blessings!

Bethany said...

Thank you for the advice! I also find that singing can really lighten up my mood most times!

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