Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Drunken Sprouts

I spent yesterday unpacking from our trip and cleaning and organizing the dining room. Our table is such a catch-all, it needs to be stripped bare, and all the detritis put away every week or so, and I hadn't done it for quite a while, so it was piled. Now all that's not in it's proper place is a small stack of stuff of Ben's, that I know he doesn't want me to throw away, but I have no idea were to keep.

That made me feel productive, so I started on a bigger project. I collected and sorted all the canning jars that have been collecting along the stairs all winter, putting them all in their boxes and stacking them in the storage room. Now I can see exactly how many of each size I have (way too many quarts, and not nearly enough pints, but we will be doing a lot of canning, so that might turn into: just enough quarts and way way way not enough pints.), and be ready when the time comes. I also gathered every ring and box of lids and canning tool and package of pectin from all their various storage places and put them into a plastic tote alongside the jars, for easy transport and access.

I inventoried the canned goods we have left, and put them all into the storage cabinet in our closet, so they'd be in one spot. In the fall we'd stored quite a few on cardboard under the bed, so they'd be out of the sun and we could slide the whole thing in and out, but there's plenty of room in the cabinet now, so in there they all went.

I set up some alfalfa seeds to sprout, but I'd used all the cheesecloth last fall sewing storage bags for onions, so I decided to knit a little net to make the draining and rinsing easier. In case anyone is curious about a pattern, it's just a garter stich square of about thirty stitches with crochet cotton and size 1 needles. It does it's job and keeps the seeds in, while letting the water out, so it works just the way it should.
For our anniversary, I got Ben a small winemaking kit, and we've been making some blackberry wine. The blackberries were on a very good deal at the grocery store, so we bought enough for the wine, and I stole a couple of cups of jucie before the fermenting began and made about five half-pints of jelly as well. Anyway, last night we siphoned it into this secondary fermenter, and there it will stay for the next year or so, getting ready to be drunk. It was pretty fun to do, and we actually did not spill any wine on the floor. I was impressed with us.

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Alison said...

I love the winemaking kit, it looks like a crazy lab experiment. Was it really easy to make? Maybe I should check into a kit of my own.

Bethany said...

It's been fun so far. I ordered the one gallon wine from fruit kit and the wine from fruit add-on kit from this site: http://www.midwestsupplies.com/products/ProdBySubCat.aspx?SubCat=11193
So it wasn't that expensive and came with all the stuff except fruit and sugar. It's not very complicated, just mixing things up and letting it ferment and then moving it into this fermenter to sit for a long time now. Then later on, bottling it.

I'll be honest and admit that it was mostly the cool glass jug that sold me on it. And also I suppose I should admit that this was one of those, I got this for you so I could play with it too, type of gifts.

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