Tuesday, May 05, 2009

The Kindness of Strangers...

(Okay, so my next door neighbor isn't really a stranger, but I couldn't resist a little Blanche Dubois.)

On Sunday, Ben mowed a large section of the yard, and yesterday, when I went out to mow, I found that he'd bent the mower handle pretty badly, so it was much much more difficult to get through the tall clover with it. So, after trying to fix it and failing, I was silently saying not so nice things about my husband, along the lines of "fine, you can't use things without breaking them, then you can mow all the lawn from now on!", when the neighbor saw me in the garage and stopped by to ask a question.

Well, we visited a bit, and he said he'd let me get back to what I was doing, and I mentioned that I had been about to mow the lawn, but since the mower wouldn't work well, it would have to wait for Ben to fix it and then do the mowing himself. And he asked why didn't I just borrow theirs? Well, in general I do not like borrowing things, especially not gigantic tractor-like lawn mowers with a scoop, that I have to climb to get on and that cost more than I'd spend on a car. But my mower was broken. And it's supposed to rain so much this week! So, I gave in and had him show me how to use it.

I had so much fun! It's so much faster than the push mower, so I did the entire yard, including the way-back, with all the scrub and weeds. (I did ask him about that first, since I was scared it would wreck his mower.) It did make me pretty sore though, because the darn thing is so huge, I didn't fit on it right at all, and had to stretch to reach the pedals and stuff.

So, now that the lawn is all mowed, I just have to get out our little one today to do along the edges around the trees and the deck and stuff, and it'll be all done. Amazing. No wonder people don't usually mow two acre yards with a push mower. :)

My list today has the finishing trimming that I have to do on the yard, and setting up a box for my compost instead of just piling it on the ground, organizing paperwork and paying the bills, setting up a new big litter box for the cats, baking cupcakes for the neighbor to say thank you for the use of the lawn mower, and working on some more of my Homemaker t-shirt ideas.

Last night Ben and I built a little raised bed and started filling it with sand, but Ben insists that carrots won't grow in just sand, and so he's going to pick up a bag of manure and mix that in when he gets home. So we'll probably plant carrots this evening.

I'd better get a move on if I'm going to finish everything I have planned for the day. I'll carry the camera around with me today, so tomorrow I can post photographic evidence of my industriousness.

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molly said...

Bethany, I haven't had time to comment here lately, but I have been able to read your posts regularly. . .you are doing awesome this spring! Can't wait to see how all your gardening goes and I would love to read more on your canning and preserving methods. I am going to try to can some this year, and I plan to spend some time with my grandma in WV over the summer to get her tips and tricks. Just wish I had a pressure canner, though!
sorry if this is rambling and off topic. . .
hey, are you going to go to the Cardinal's stitch and pitch game?

Blue Castle said...

Sorry your mower broke, but it must've been kind of fun to drive that mower. :) I'm so impressed with everything you're doing. You go girl!

CastoCreations said...

That's too funny...I would definitely invest in a riding mower if we had two acres. But I refuse to let hubby get one for our less than 1 acre.

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