Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Look What I've Got!

Over there in the corner. Could they be?

Yep! They're baby cinnamon queens!

I guess that makes them Cinnamon Princesses.

Boy, we had a full weekend! I have blog posts for all week, just from one weekend. But, for now, we'll start with the baby chicks. We wanted to increase our flock, because we've been selling pretty much every egg that gets laid around here. So I arranged to get these three chicks from the couple who sold us the original half-dozen last summer. Eight is the limit to our flock for now, because our tractor coop won't hold anymore than that. Once these three are big enough to graduate from their box, they'll be living in a chain link dog kennel and igloo dog house until they start laying. Then we'll integrate them into the flock, when they're as big as the others.

In the mean time, they're just chicks in a box, being pretty cute. I saw one yawn yesterday. It thinks it's people.

I've got big plans for today. Since I spent most of last week outside, mowing the lawn and trying to get the garden put in, I'm going to be tryin to catch up on some indoor work. I've got lots of things to bake and freeze, and a couple of scuzzy bathrooms that need some major scrubbing. I've got my list all made, and my mp3 player charged, so I'd better get going and really buckle down to work!

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Worknprogress said...

Congrats!! Your chickas are too adorable! I've never heard of Cinnamon Queens. Love their colouring!

Here's wishing them a healthy and long life.

molly said...

love your new babies!

good luck on your to-do list

Bethany said...

They're cuties, huh? They'll be turning different shades of brown as they grow up. Like cinnamon, I guess.

Hope you both had great days!

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