Friday, May 15, 2009

Making a Zippered Pouch - Rosary Pouch

I spent Wednesday afternoon making an embroidered pouch to go along with the rosary that I made for Julia. Here are some quick instructions. This could be adjusted for any size or use, like a makeup bag or a electronics pouch.

First, mark out the dimensions you want the bag to be. Don't forget to take into account the seam allowances. My dimensions for one side of the pouch are 4X3.5. I marked both sides on one piece of fabric, so the entire rectangle is 4X7. This is also the time to draw in the embroidery and complete it.

Cut out the embroidered piece and a lining piece of the same size.

Using a zipper a couple of inches longer than the opening, sew the zipper right sides together, with the outside of the zipper tape aligned with the raw edge of the fabric, to both ends of the main piece. Flatten this out, and press it, and topstitch along the fabric edge. Remember to remove any of the marking ink before pressing, or it can become permanent.

Fold the piece right sides together and zip the zipper half-way, so the zipper pull will be in the middle of the opening.
Sew the two side seams, backstitching all the way to the top to be sure to catch the zipper teeth in the stiching. Carefully reach in and un-zip the zipper, then turn the pouch right side out.

Prepare the lining by sewing the side seams and trimming them to reduce bulk. Then press the top edge down to create a finished edge.

Slipstich the lining to the inside of the zipper tape, fitting it in place first, and making sure the seams and corners are all aligned.

The lining and slipstiching will make a finished inside, with no ravelling threads to get caught around the contents of the pouch. Make sure to put the lining in the bag so the right side is to the inside. It'll look inside out before you put it in there.

Here is the finished pouch with the rosary that I made.

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Captain's Wife - Jennifer said...

I read your post yesterday but I don't think I got to comment. I loved it! I am not even Catholic and I want a rosary and pouch like that! It is absolutely gorgeous! She is going to love it. And how sentimental that you made it for her. That is just so neat Bethany!

Julie said...

Awwww! That's so cute!

Bonnie Story said...

Really a lovely and meaningful gift! Well done, Brava!! Great pics and narrative.

siteseer said...

I'm sure Julia will love it and what a wonderful keepsake

Bethany said...

Thank you ladies, for commenting and your lovely compliments! Sorry I couldn't respond earlier. I think Julia was really happy with this gift. She was certainly excited about her big day!

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