Thursday, May 14, 2009

On a Thursday

Finished Rosary with Embroidered Pouch
I finished Julia's rosary yesterday. I had to wait till then because I needed to order the center piece and the cross from FireMountainGems, because Hobby Lobby didn't have any gold choices at all. I was surprised by that, but was pretty glad that Fire Mountain's shipping was fast enough to get it to me on time, even though I didn't order till Sunday. The rosary is made with round glass beads. The pink beads are 4mm and the white beads are 6mm.
Today, I'm going to get my hair cut. I'm really looking forward to that as a chance to relax a bit, because the next few days are just going to be crazy! We leave for MI tonight, so I have to get the house ready and get all packed. We'll be getting in pretty late, and tomorrow we have family activities with lots of people and then Saturday is going to be the First Communion which includes a morning long retreat and then a First Communion/Birthday party afterward. And on Sunday we get to head to Ben's brother's and see their new baby! She was born on Friday night, so she'll still be shiny and new, lol. Ben and I are excited we have another niece now.
I won't be around to answer comments, but I do have a post all written and scheduled to go for tomorrow, about how to make a zippered pouch like the one I made for the rosary in the picture above. And then I'll be back on Monday... probably kind of grouchy and tired. But I'm really looking forward to all the fun and festivities this weekend.
I'd probably better head off and get packing. I can't decide what shoes I should bring. Isn't packing just so hard sometimes?

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1 comment:

Worknprogress said...

So beautiful!

Safe travels and congratulations to your families on the First Communion celebration and the new baby.

Enjoy that fresh new baby smell! There is nothing like it in the world!

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