Wednesday, May 06, 2009

Raised Beds from Pallets and other things

I managed to finish everything on my to do list yesterday! But today I was pretty tired out from my very full week, so I took it easy and did mostly indoor work. Though I did plant some carrots and radishes.

Here's the compost set-up I did yesterday. This plastic bin had gotten broken pretty badly across the bottom, so I broke the bottom out all the way and then dug up and flipped over the sod, so the compost would be sitting on dirt. (I don't know, I just read it works better that way.) When I want to mix the compost, I can just lift it up, set it on the bare patch next to it, and fork all the compost right back into it. It's not fancy, but it'll keep it from spreading all over the lawn, anyway.

The ladies say hi.Ben and I picked up these pallets (actually, I think they might be called skids) from a motorcycle shop that was giving them away. The same place that we got all the bricks for the border of our herb bed. They've been in the garage since, waiting for their destiny. I started breaking them down this week, and it's easier than I thought, though I still can't figure out how to remove the rusty nails. I think I might have to just cut them off flush, using the dremel tool. But luckily, the parts I wanted for immediate use don't have any nails left in them after the whole thing is broken down.
Here's what I did with one of them. I used two of the ready made box like parts and screwed them to stakes made from some other scraps. I filled this with sand and aged manure for growing carrots and turnips. We have to grow root veggies in rasied beds because our regular soil is just way too clay to get any good results with those. This is about two feet by two feet, so not huge, but a fun way to do a little "sqare foot gardening" for the varieties and plants that can't handle our clay soil.
I planted the carrot seeds in here this afternoon, which were some Minicor that my mother-in-law sent in Ben's birthday gift. They look like they'll be the perfect variety for eating through the summer. And just the right size for growing in my little boxes. I planted some radishes every five inches or so along the rows to mark them, since they germinate and are harvested so much more quickly than the carrots.

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Bonnie Story said...

First of all, congrats on conquering that to-do list, it was daunting. Great story about your neighbor's mower. maybe in exchange for pie, you can use it again. Such a huge time-saver with the 2 acres.

I'm so glad to see the great idea about pallets!! We will need some raised bed around here with our rocky soil, and hubby thinks it will be expensive. Not so, say I! I know right where to go for free pallets and your good idea just connected the dots for me. I love connecting the dots! Tee-hee. Have a wonderful day! Bonnie

Bethany said...

Thank you. I'm glad it's given you a good idea. At first we'd been thinking we'd piece those smaller boards together somehow to make big raised beds, but then I figured, why not lots of smaller ones that are more structually secure and less work! So that's what we're doing.

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