Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Wedding Anniversary Times Two

Yesterday was our wedding anniversary. Which was why I didn't post, because Ben treated me to a weekend away, and I was off shopping for bulk oatmeal in Amish country. He really knows what makes me happy.

Seven years ago Ben and I got married in Kalamazoo, MI. All of my wedding pictures are pixelated like that because we couldn't afford to hire a wedding photographer and a friend did them for us with his digital camera. Which was a really nice one at the time. I don't mind though. I like the old-fashioned, newspaper-like look they have.
I actually didn't enjoy my wedding much. Sometimes, I wish I'd enjoyed it more, but mostly I'm okay with things being how they were. I enjoyed preparing for it quite a bit, because I learned cake decorating and made our pillared cake, and I sewed Ben's vest and tie, and made my bouquet and veil, and all those things were super fun for me. But the day it's self was stress filled, with lots of tension. I was young, and I took things very personally, and felt that I was responsible for everyone's happiness, and very much didn't want to be.
It's a good thing I enjoy my marriage so much. Things improved a million times after the wedding day was over. That's why I don't really regret that my wedding day wasn't some magical fairy-land of happiness... I'd rather live in real life with Ben.
Two years ago we celebrated the validation of our marriage in the Catholic Church in Chandler, AZ. This was one of the best days of my entire life. It was filled with so much fun, and love, and faith. I grew up a lot in five years, and it was nice to get to stand up in front of God (again) and make vows, especially since this time I knew what I was getting in to. I was able to relax and have a good time. I've learned to be a hostess without feeling stressed out, so my guests can have more fun around me. I've learned that other people's wishes are not demands, and don't have to be either acquiesced to, or resented, but simply met to the best of my ability with graciousness.

But most of all, I've learned that a good relationship is a blessing from God. And having Ben in my life, no matter what else comes along, is a treasure that I'm priviledged to be given.

I love him so much, I marred him. Twice.

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Mrs. Mordecai said...

Happy anniversary to you!

Captain's Wife - Jennifer said...

You two are a beautiful couple! Happy Anniversary! :)

Alison said...

Happy Anniversary and thank you for the birthday wishes :)

Blue Castle said...

Happy Anniversary! You look so happy in that second picture. It's so nice to grow up, isn't it? I've been married 10years on Friday and I sure wish I had been more mature and relaxed when we first started out. Hooray for time.

Melonie said...

Happy Anniversary!!!

And I love your new profile pic. :-)

Bethany said...

Thanks everyone!

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