Wednesday, June 03, 2009

Awkward Adolescence

The chickies are looking hilarious lately. They're in that fuzz to feathers stage, and I can't help but laugh when I see them.
Poor little things are going to grow up with some sort of personality complex.

It's a rainy day today, and much cooler than it has been, so I'm feeling glad about that. It's a bit of a gift really, a whole day before me with no planting or hoeing or mowing that can be done. So I get to bake, or sew, or read, or even (don't tell on me, lol) take a nap. I have a pair of shorts in my sewing room that Ben tore a hole in, and he'd like back for working in, so I've got that bit of mending to take care of, other than that, all my regular housework is pretty much caught up, so I think I might do some weird cleaning, like dusting the door frames and pictures, and then I'll pretend to be responsiblity-free for a little while.

Yesterday I planted some dill and an eggplant and some stevia and some more loofa and hoed around the squash a little. I went to visit my elderly neighbor and she was trying to work up a patch of her garden to put her tomatoes in, but she needs a walker and it's very hard for her to do things like that, so I did it for her. Made me feel like a super hero, since it only took me about ten minutes to garden claw the area she wanted, and she was so happy to have it done.

Speaking of awkward adolescence, my high school graduating class is planning a reunion (class of '98... I guess no one wanted to bother last year), and I keep getting all these emails from people I went to high school with. Very interesting, if slightly surreal. It seems odd to learn that everyone has grown up, since in my mind most of my classmates are arrested at the moment in time that I last saw them. And I haven't seen or kept in touch with anyone but Ali and Julie, so it's like all of a sudden, all these people I still think of as kids have grown up and gotten married and had kids. Not that I'd really expect people to live in static, it's just the way my memory works. It's hard to imagine most of these people any way but in their cheerleading uniforms, or in Mr. Kelly's biology class, or sitting at the computer down from me every day. So weird.

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Julie said...

I remember when my cute feathers fell out and my adult feathers grew in. That sucked.

Bonnie Story said...

I have just been getting into Facebook and I agree - I'm so shocked that my childhood chums have aged too, and have families of their own now - what a trip! Who knew that would happen? Tee-hee. The chicks are really very cute, in-between stage and all. We are having a heat wave here and I'm looking forward to cooler weather to enjoy soon. I wilt in the heat!

Anonymous said...

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