Friday, June 12, 2009

Berry Cobbler

I used this recipe. I did cut back the sugar in the sugar water mix to a cup and a third instead of two cups, and it was still pretty sweet. I think next time I'll go with a struesel topping or something, instead, because the butter and sugar in this recipe was way too much. But it's a tasty treat. And Ben was thrilled with it. All the pictures are pretty much just to tease you.

The straw guy delivered yesterday, so I'm off to finish mulching my squash beds and bury my potatoes today. I have to hoe and weed first, because there's grass growing and covering every place that's been bare. Stupid grass. Evil grass. I'm feeling bitter about it.
Next week: baking for company and unexpected pumpkins

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Julie said...


Blue Castle said...

Oh! My mom used to make cobbler when I was growing up. I haven't had it in forever. That looks amazing. :)

Adam J. said...

I really like the next week out look.

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