Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Chicken Yard Flowers

The flowers in my chicken yard "cutting garden" are growing pretty well, and have started to bloom pretty heavily, so I decided to put together a bouquet for my neighbor since I was going over to deliver some eggs as well.

The greenery is just a few sprigs I trimmed off of a bush in my front landscaping where is needed to be pruned back from the porch anyway. And to make the recycled jar vase a bit more special, I dressed it up with a band of scrapbooking paper, and a "For You" label.

The paper just fit, and was easy to stick together with double sided tape, but the tape was wider than the overlap was. I covered the extra sticky and the seam with a scrap cut from the label on the front to tie it all together.

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Alison said...

awww, I wish someone would bring me flowers!

Bethany said...

I totally would if I didn't think they'd wilt on my way there. It's a long way to ride a bike.

Adam J. said...

um this may sound gay....but....those look FABUULOOUSSS!

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