Monday, June 08, 2009

Earning a Dehydrator (And, Horseradish What Now?)

I hope everyone had a fun weekend. We had a good, but busy, time. On Saturday, we did garden work and lawn mowing and visited the farmers' market in Edwardsville, and yesterday we went to mass, and grocery shopped, and attended the Internation Horseradish Festival with some friends. Ben was slightly dissappointed by the festival, because he was hoping for more horseradish themed food than was available. I was good with it, because tasting the horseradish ice cream was pretty much enough for me.

I picked up a horseradish plant so I can grow my own, along with a new basil plant. So I have those and a couple of melon starts and lavendar to plant. It's storming right now, so I think they might have to stay in their pots for a couple days longer.

Since I can't go out and work today, I'll have to keep busy with indoor things. But that's okay, because there's plenty to keep me busy. The laundry is going and there's always the weekend disaster that is my kitchen to clean up.
I've got some things other than housework going on too. Last week, I wrote a few articles for Associated Content, and brainstormed a lot more, so I want to get started on writing the ones I came up with ideas for.

And I designed some new Homemaker T-Shirts as well, but there's still a few more ideas that I want to draw and get loaded up on Cafepress.

I've been focusing a bit more on these this last week, first because I had some good ideas out of the blue that I really wanted to use, and secondly, because I'd really like to get a better, more roomy food dehydrator than the one I have, but that's not in the household budget right now, so I figured I'd earn the money to get one with my online sources. So, my new dehydrator fund started last week, and I'm hoping I can earn enough online money to be able to have it before the tomatoes start coming in. We'll see if that can work, I have a way to go, since the model I have my eye on is pretty expensive, but it'll save so much time and power over the one I have. (I found the one I use now at Goodwill for $3, so I took what I could get. Now I'm seeing how great the dried foods work for us, so I'd definately like to have one that could handle more at once.)

The t-shirt in the picture is one of the ideas that I had the other day. Sometimes I wonder if things are only funny to me, in my own head, and no one else would get it... So, you guys get it, right? :D

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Worknprogress said...

I get it & I **LOVE** IT!
You are so creative!
and as soon as i start up a little biz and get some extra moolah, i'll be buying one of your canning shirts! TOO CUTE!! Maybe you should send one to Mrs. Obama--first the garden on the White House lawn, next, you could inspire the First Lady to can her extras! :o)

Melonie said...

I love the canning one - and I agree - that would be an adorable one to send to the White House!!! Maybe kids' sizes for the girls? Can't you just see that? CUTE.

Bethany said...

I said the same thing! But I doubt they'd end up wearing them, right? I sort of think they might not actually can things from their garden, lol.

I'm glad you think it's funny. I' hoping to have some more drawn soon, and then I'll have to bite the bullet and figure out advertising.

Blue Castle said...

That's a great t-shirt. :) So clever.

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