Thursday, June 25, 2009

An Excellent Book

The other day, we went to the library, and (after paying my fines. You'd think I'd learn, but I never do.) I came home with far too many books in my bag. Yesterday I started browsing through them in the afternoon, and I started reading How to Cook a Wolf. I ended up going to further down my stack and just settled in to read this one straight through. I got most of the way through it, since Ben was home late last evening, and I'm very much looking forward to finishing it. It's a cookbook written in 1942 about dealing with war deprivations and living well anyway on much less money/resources. Completely recommended. It's one of those good cookbooks that's fun to read, because there's lots of talk of ideas and method, with some specific recipes thrown in.

I've decided I can do things like read library books all late afternoon because I've been so productive this week. Out in the garden I've been freeing the pepper and tomato plants from their weed locked prisons, and weeding all the squash mounds every day. I'm having the worst luck with grass in the garden this year. It's not weeds that bother me so much as it is having to pluck out all the tiny grasses that are growing all over everything. It's like trying to de-hair your legs with tweezers instead of a razor. Ridiculous and never-ending.

I've also kept right on track with my writing goal this week, writing two articles every day. I've got four more to go to accomplish my goal of ten in one week, but I'm running out of steam a bit on ideas. I'll have to see if I can't think of anything while I'm hoeing this morning. Maybe I could write about things to think about while you hoe. I'm sure that would be popular.

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