Friday, June 19, 2009

Great Vining Plant Resource

Remember the other day when I was wondering why my pea vines seem so anemic? Well, I went searching and found this great article about how different vining plants climb and what the best trellising is for each.

I used twine to give my peas some horizontals between the poles of their tripod, and they're looking much better already.

The other things that are going on today include lots and lots of cleaning. Ben's mom and dad are coming this evening to spend the weekend, so I'm just making sure that everything is nice and fresh for their visit, and doing some catching up on the outside work, after a lot of rain at the beginning of the week.

This weekend also marks the day that the little chickies get to move out of the garage and live in the backyard instead. I'm glad about that, because I was having to clean their box pretty often and they are smelling pretty ripe. I never notice the chicken smell with the big chickens, so I think it's just that these little ones are a bit too big to be living in a box in the garage.

I've been wilting in the heat the last couple of days, but the tomatoes and peppers are loving it, so I'm glad of it if that means good gardening. But I just do not like heat at all in any form. When the weather channel issues a heat advisory, I interpret that as, do not step a toe outside after noon, or you will melt and drop dead on the spot. I take that sort of warning seriously.

Well, I'm off to bake some crackers! I'd better keep moving or I'll seize up like the Tin Man.

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Adam J. said...

somehow i absorbed your heat liking capabilities.

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