Friday, June 26, 2009

An Invitation to Introduce Yourself

I'm going to try something a little different today, and write what I hope will be an interactive post.

I know from my stat counter that a lot of people who aren't followers or regular commenters are regular readers. I'd like to say that I appreciate them as well as my more visible guests, and I'd like everyone to leave a little comment saying hello. You don't really have to introduce yourself if you're reluctant, but I figured it would be fun to hear from lots of different readers, a handful of whom are international. And I think my old friend, Bree, might be out there too. Bree is that you?

I know some of my "invisible" readers, like my big sister and my Mother in Law, but I'd like to encourage everyone to comment, and let me know what's up with them today. Please, followers and regular commenters join in as well (in fact, I'm depending on you, since the un-commenters don't seem to be rushing to the chance, lol).

So, here's a question: What are your plans for the weekend?

Please, don't make me be like Pioneer Woman and give away a $300 prize to get greetings from my readers! I can't afford it till I get those sweet corporate sponsers. ;)

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Mrs. Mordecai said...

Hi. I'm still here.

Nothing much going on this weekend, just survival!

Chocolate and Whine said...

I have Sundays and Mondays off. We'll head to the beach on Sunday since the weather is supposed to be fantastic. On Monday, while The Husband is at work, I'll bake something that will make my ever-expanding wasteline cry. It'll be awesome.

Worknprogress said...

Good Morning! Weekends are the best, eh? Hubbie's are home and you get revived at Mass! Going to see my bil at his church this wkend--last week he gave an intriguing Homily for Father's Day, urging for fathers to be "Dads" to their children. I can't wait for another one of those.

We just fixed the deck rail on our mid century home, so we'll be painting this weekend. Probably taking the not-so-little-anymore chicks out for a day in the yard too. Get some more seed planted for Fall/Winter harvest. Nothin' much...what do they call it? "Piddlin' around", i think.

What about you? Plans for the wkend? This was a great idea!!

Take care,

Anna said...

Hello! I drifted over here when you commented on my blog at I've enjoyed your blog a lot!

Plans for the weekend --- resting up from our out of town trip last week. Probably lots of reading and catching up on emails. If I get industrious, I might work on the greywater system for our outdoor bathtub. :-)

--- Anna

A Joyful Chaos said...

Love weekends. No big plans though.

Mary said...

This weekend we are celebrating my Son and My Daughter's Birthdays. One born on the 1st and the other on the 6th. I think on the 4th my daughters are taking my hubby to Memphis for a late Father's day outing.

Adam J. said...

What's up big-sis Beppy?!

I flipped into a kiddie pool! It was fun!

check it out.


Adam J. said...

I realized that my above comment felt like a shameless plug to attract readers to my blog, which is nothing like your blog, so i can't imagine many of your readers heading my way anyway.

I have to work the pro shop, stringing rackets for a major tournament. Should be fun though. May head up to Albright Shores with Becky to Kyle's grandma's place.

Is anyone going to see some fireworks? Do you live in big cities with a parade or anything unique done for July #4?

Bethany said...

Thanks everyone for commenting! I love reading about other people's plans. I'm a tad voyeuristic that way. I guess that's why I enjoy reading blogs so much.

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