Monday, June 15, 2009

Knitting, New Sewing Patterns, Shakespeare and Cleaning

Remember this sock? I started a matching one Saturday afternoon. I'm actually going to finish a pair of socks! It's quite an accomplishment to finish a project, since I don't seem to actually finish much anymore. I'm not sure why that is, but I'm feeling good about how well this sock is going. I got a ton done on it last night.

We went to the Shakespeare Festival in Forest Park last night, and there was lots of time to knit while we sat and waited and visited with our friends. It was an excellent show. Unfortunately, last night was the last performance for this season, but if anyone in the area is interested, I'd highly recommend attending next year if you get the chance. It was fun, and picnic-y, plus free Shakespeare. Pretty cool.

Most of the weekend we spent working outside and in the garden. I've weeded and mulched all the squash areas, and hilled up the potatoes thickly with straw. We planted a few tomato plants from the Farmers' market to replace the ones I started that didn't make it, and planted some cucumber and more butternut squash. The garden is starting to look established now, which is nice. For a while there, it just looked like a weedy bare patch in the yard. My peas aren't climbing their poles, and I'm pretty sure that's because the poles are too big around for their tendrils. More experienced gardeners, is this right? I'm thinking the solution would be to run strings or twine close along the poles to give them something they can grasp?

On the way to St. Louis yesterday, we stopped at Joann Fabrics. Simplicity patterns are on sale, and they make the patterns that have d-cup bust adjustments already built in, and they've come out with a number of new ones since I looked last, so I wanted to pick some up. I picked out about five new dress and blouse patterns. I'm looking forward to getting some sewing done, and since today is rainy and grey, it might be the perfect time to cut out a new project. But I also have some big cleaning projects to do, because Ben's parents are coming to visit this weekend, so I want to make sure that the guest areas are extra clean, and get the bedding and everything ready for them, of course. I guess I'll see how much getting ready I get finished, and go from there.

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Adam J. said...

hey lets go see Shakespeare Festival in Forest Park .......... oh wait, last night was the last performance. Sorry.

Maybe we could go the Farmer's Market......oh wait that just ended 20 seconds ago, sorry.


Bethany said...

It's too bad, isn't it? :D

Tammy said...

Just found your blog. love it! When I came to your sock posts, I had to posts. I usually have several UFO projects around. So when I wanted to learn to knit socks, the magic loop, two at a time, had my attention. Using one long circular needle, you can knit both socks at the same time, matching patterns as you go. check it out. Its just a little confusing at first, but w a good pattern very easy to figure out.

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