Tuesday, June 09, 2009

Merrily, Merrily, Merrily, Merrily

See it on a shirt!

Here's my latest t-shirt design. I put this one on the kelly green shirt, and I love it! Unfortunately, the kelly green shirts run small, so I think the XL would be too tight on me. I put in on a couple of others as well, so I'd be able to buy one that fits me when the time comes.

I spent my morning outside today, which was nice, since it had stormed most of the day yesterday. I was glad to get out into the sun for a bit, especially since it wasn't too hot, since I'm pretty much deathly allergic to the heat.

I planted some Honeydew melon starts in the squash hills that never sprouted and a lavender plant in the top center of our herb bed. I found a place for the horseradish that we bought at the festival and planted basil in the herb bed as well, in the place of the poor dead one that the frost got.

After my planting, I weeded the squash beds. Maybe I'm lazy, but this is my new favorite garden chore, mostly because I can just sit in one spot at a time, picking out all the tiny weeds, soaking up the sun and enjoying my audiobooks. (I just finished listening to Animal, Vegetable, Miracle again, and now I'm listening to a dramatic presntation of At Home in Mitford.) We've got some kind of crazy grass being a weed this year. It's really bad, little blades of it covering ever bare spot in a crazy kind of moldy looking green. The garden looks like it's growing in hair plugs or something. Dad tells me that the longer I use the same spot as a garden, the easier it will be to keep weeded. He's never lied to me before, but it seems like a long shot.

Ben and I are trying something new. We've decided that a couple of days a week, we won't turn the television on at all. See, we don't have cable, so we never watch tv when it's on, but we do watch some shows on Fancast and watch lots of movies. We were thinking that we might waste a little too much time, even with that much tv, so no tv at all on Tuesdays and Wednesdays. Maybe we'll increase that, if we end up liking it. I'm being strict about it too, and not allowing myself to turn the television on during the day. It shouldn't be too big a change, since I don't usually anyway. I think that we won't really miss it at all, and might end up leaving the tv off more often.

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Anna said...

We ditched the TV two and a half years ago (though we still watch netflix) and we'd never go back! It definitely gives us a lot of extra time, but it also changes our interaction with the world in many good ways. I highly recommend it.

(I'm also glad to read about someone else who does obsessive, sit down hand weeding. I always feel a bit like there must be a better way when I do it, but it's oddly relaxing while listening to the radio.)

Melonie said...

"Life is but a dream!!!"

Sorry, had to say it so the song wouldn't be stuck in my head all day. ;-)

Sounds like you got quite a bit done. I miss my lavender plants from my old house. *sniffle* Make some lavender wands if you can - fun, fun!

Wanda said...

Against my better judgement, I planted a (yes, just one!) lavendar plant this year. It is difficult to grow this far south and I've found it impossible in previous tries over the last decade or two. But this one plant is thriving! I don't know if it is a difference in weather, location or variety, although I had tried many varieties before.
Weeding - that's what I need to get busy doing.

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