Tuesday, June 02, 2009

Sleeping In

I slept in today. I can hardly believe it myself.
Ben wasn't home, because our car is still in the shop till today, and he stayed at Ken's last night to make it slightly less inconvienent for Ken to take him into the office and to go get his car later.
Anyway, I got up at my regular time of about six, but I hadn't slept well, as I never do when Ben's gone, and I was still so sleepy. So I indulged and went back to sleep.
So I slept in till 8:30. And I'll admit it. It was delicious. But now I'm having a very hard time motivating myself. It's always that way with sleeping in, isn't it?

I don't really have all that much to report today. I did get my fridge all cleaned out and reorganized yesterday. The kitchen is all cleaned, and the canning supplies are put away till next time. The preserves are all stashed in the preserves cabinet. I mulched the new cherry trees with huge piles of grass clippings. Which makes me think we need to mow our lawn more often, if I can rake up three wheelbarrows full of grass clippings just from one side of the front lawn. I'd love one of those bagger things... free and easy mulch.

Today I'm on a mission to find someone who sells straw around here who would deliver some bales to us, because there's a heck of a lot of garden left to mulch, and the bare ground is getting weedy just sitting there. Also, I've got to visit the neighbor and bring her some eggs, and then hoe in the garden, and maybe plant another row of cucumbers or some more bean hills. After that, I'm hoping to get some crafting finished. There are some seasonal embroidered things around here that are sadly outdated, but I haven't finished the June and Summer and July versions, so need to get on that in order to change them out.

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