Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Unexpected Pumpkins

When we moved the chicken coop from it's wintering place, there was, of course, a big patch of bare ground to work with. So I decided to make a cutting garden of sorts, and I tilled it up and raked it and spread a bunch of packets of different flowers around. I was pretty haphazard about it, just figuring that I might get some flowers to cut and give away and bring inside, but if I didn't, I wasn't out much.
And for the last number of weeks, I've been looking at the big plants on the east end of the patch, thinking that they looked like squash. And wasn't it weird to have flowers that look like squash. And I should get out those packets and see if I could remember which flowers I planted there.
Then, last week, I remembered. They are squash. Pie pumpkins, to be precise. See, we'd given the chickens all the pumpkin guts last November when I roasted and pureed all the pie pumpkins we'd been storing. So, I had planted squash there, I just didn't remember doing it. So, now I've got these pie pumpkins, sprawling all over and shading out the flowers. Oh well, we did enjoy having all that pumpkin in the freezer. Guess we get to do it again.

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Wanda said...

What fun! Kind of like a big bonus. Your post-chicken coop garden looks great.

Bethany said...

Thanks. I know it's a bit jungle-y now, but I think it'll look a lot better after the flowers start to bloom!

"Kreative Karma" said...

That's so funny!!!

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