Monday, July 20, 2009

10 I've Nevers

Okay, this actually isn't one of those tagging games, I just wanted to make a post in list form today. The noble form of the list is elevated in my mind as one of the most effective ways of communication. Don't take that from me. But feel free to drink!

I've never...

1. Played Hungry, Hungry Hippos

2. Seen ET

3. Eaten squid

4. Had surgery

5. Taken a train somewhere

6. Made meringue

7. Been on a cruise

8. Knitted and finished an entire adult-sized sweater

9. Pressure canned vegetables (I have assisted my mom)

10. Been on a sailboat

There's about ten million billion other things I could list, I'm sure, but I was sort of going for things that might be surprising to know about me.

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Alison said...

you know you just haven't seen ET because you like to say "I've never seen ET" and then have people say, "WHAT!!!"

Bethany said...

Ali, well.... maybe. But I did want to go see it last summer when it was one of the free movies in the park here, but it was so hot we didn't. Maybe I should just put it on the netflix list and get it over with. :)

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