Monday, July 06, 2009

Brunhilda and Matilda

We had an unfortunate incident last week. Two of the new pullets were pulled out of the cage and taken off by something, I'd assume a racoon or skunk. We were pretty sad about it, and felt guilty, but we set right to work making their area more secure and putting a door on their Dogloo/coop.

The pullet that was left was the one Ben had named Brunhilda, because she was the big bully of the three of them. We didn't want her to have to be alone, so we checked Craigslist and found a pretty little Araucana pullet available. We picked her up that day, and they've been together for a week. I named her Matilda, and she seems to be fitting in fine with Brunhilda, though I'm a little concerned about integrating her into the larger flock in the fall, since she'll be the only white one out of seven Cinnamon Queens. I'd like to find another pullet of a different breed to add to the "nursery" coop, so the three can be together when the integration comes in the fall.

I'm completely looking forward to those blue/green eggs!

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Bonnie Story said...

What a little cutie! So sorry to hear of your losses, that's a total bummer. But, at least this little one seems to be getting along swimmingly with Brunhilda. Thanks for the idea about mulching with grass trimmings, that's great and has helped me already. It's the driest weather here in 116 years, so all mulch counts!

Alison said...

Seven Cinnamon Queens. That sounds like a great name for a drag queen show.

Worknprogress said...

i am sorry for your chickens. i hope my daughter becomes a robotologist, because she has this idea of building a robochicken to defend the coop. :o) would that be a hoot? we could send you one too. :o)

i love the colouring of Matilda! good luck with the introductions!

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