Wednesday, July 22, 2009

It's Here! It's Here!

Techically, he came last week, but I forgot I took the picture to post. I love my new Excalibur dehydrator!

So far, I've dried cherries and my catnip harvest. This is truly an excellent dehydrator, and I'm so glad i decided to buy it. It's awesome that I was able to write enough at AC to earn the money. And I managed to earn it more quickly than I thought I'd be able to!

So, as soon as I actually get some harvest from my very s-l-o-w-l-y growing garden, I'll be sure to post lots of dehydrator pics. Columbo has decided that the top of it is his new favorite place. He assures me (through Ben, his translator) that it's heated automatic massage is not to be beaten. I suppose Excalibur could use that as a selling point too, huh? "Dries foods, makes yogurt, great cat lounging area!" I do wonder if he'll affect the performance, since you're not supposed to store things on the unit.

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Ivory Soap said...

How on earth did you earn enough on AC to get an EXCALIBUR???? I'm so curious. Email me.

Bethany said...

I accidentally sent the first email before it was finished, and now I can't get the second one to go through, because my email's posessed by a mailer daemon. So here's the rest of it:

sorry, my last email sent without me meaning it to.

I was just saying, that's how I earned my Excalibur. I think I'd mentioned in other posts that there were a variety of "revenue sources" going toward it. But I credit AC mainly because it was the bulk of it, and it's really the best source of online income I've found. I can see that blog advertisements could be much better, but for me, since my blog isn't really very popular, Associated Content offers the best income. And it works well because it really does pay more the more I'm willing to put into it. If I'm diligent and write an article every day, that'd be, on average, $4 a day. Of course, many people write much more than that, and have a huge success on AC. But my articles aren't really on highly searched topics, and I haven't really studied SEO or anything. I'm pretty happy with things how they are though, knowing that I can write what I'm interested in without really having to change my style too much, and still get that $4 for the
20-30 minutes of work it takes me.

Are you on AC? I'd love to subscribe if you are. Let me know.

Bethany said...

Now I see the first one got eaten by a daemon too, so here's that:

Your comment made me chuckle a little, since it seemed to take so long!
But I hadn't spent any of my AC earnings for a number of months, so I had about $80 in that account from previous AC articles and performance payments when I started with my big push to buy the Excalibur. $40 came from our kitchen and preserving supplies budget, which is $20 a month (we do an all cash envelope for each category type budget.) $10 came from sales on my CafePress shop. So, it comes down to that I earned about $60 in two months on AC. I average an upfront payment of about $4 an article, so that was between 10 and 15 articles, and my performance payments have been about $4 a month, though they have been going up
recently. My pageviews are much better now that I mention and link to my articles more on my blog.

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