Thursday, July 09, 2009

La Fonda

I've just had a truly wonderful gastrinomic experience. I've been craving real Mexican food, like we used to get when we lived in Arizona, so much so that I even had a dream that we were out at a Mexican restaurant. Anyway, we decided to see if there were any places around here that would be good, and we hit a homerun on our first try. La Fonda, in the Target Plaza in Edwardsville, IL is an excellent Mexican restaurant. The portions were so big that we'll easily eat three meals each from our dinners, and everything was so delicious. The service was super fast and very friendly as well. We're both looking forward to having our leftovers for lunch tomorrow!

It's been an excellent day for other reasons too. This morning I finally raked up enough of the grass clippings to mulch the entire tomato and pepper section, so now I'm feeling good about that being done. And Ben was gone all week, but he's home now, so that's a total wooo-hooo!

I've only got about five more rounds on the sock that I'm knitting, so I'm hoping I'll have a picture of that next week. And maybe the start of a new sock!

Does anyone else love Wipeout? We love it so much. And yet, I feel slightly guilty every time I laugh at someone falling. I can't be the only one.

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