Wednesday, July 15, 2009

My New Clothesline

I love line drying clothes, and I've been wanting to have a clothesline since we moved here to the country. Well, Ben and our friend Ken put this one up for me, so now I have one! I'm really enjoying it, and know it'll help keep the house cooler and save some money. Plus, I absolutely love the smell of clothes dried outside. I can't wait to make myself a nice laundry apron with a big old pocket to hold all the clothespins.

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Bonnie Story said...

A friend of mine has one like yours and swears by it. She calls it her umbrella. I still and using ye olde droopy-in-the middle single clothesline but I may have to switch to an umbrella too. Better use of space! Happy hanging!!

Bethany said...

I'm more used to the long kind, but this one is pretty cool. It does work like an umbrella, which is pretty neat. And I can stay in one spot and don't have to haul the basket along, so that's cool.

BlueCastle said...

I love drying clothes outside in the summertime. Especially sheets - they smell so fresh. :)

Alison said...

I like that kind, however, I absolutely hate line dried clothing.

Bethany said...

Sarah, that's why I like lined dried things so much too. The scent!

Ali, do you hate line dried things because they're sort of stiff? I've found that if it's not pretty breezy out, the clothes do dried sort of stiff and rough.

Alison said...

yeah, they always feel rough and stiff, especially towels. I love the feeling of soft clothes from the dryer. Also, I find that I like the way the dryer shrinks my clothes back into shape after they get all stretched from wearing them.

The only thing I like about line drying is that is saves electricity.

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