Friday, July 17, 2009


It's pizza night tonight, and I'm so happy that Ben's making dinner! He's been gone all week to Phoenix, and he just got home this afternoon. He's been traveling quite a bit for work lately, and I'm getting frustrated by it. It can get lonely around here without him. But I'm glad that he's here now, and I'm grateful that he doesn't have a job that requires even more travel. I know they're out there, like the military, for one. I don't know if I could handle that.

It's stormed quite a bit lately, and the water is just laying in the yard and on the garden. I hope the peppers and tomatoes don't drown. I think the mulch is actually helping that some though... it seems to hold the water like a sponge, so it's not so deep around the plants. On Tuesday, I saw a chicken slip in the mud and fall. Yes, I laughed. Yes, I know I shouldn't have, but it was hi-larious.

I've been reading about lasagna gardening lately, and I'm seriously thinking it's the way to go. I could put four foot beds all down the length of the garden, with two foot paths in between. Maybe I could trade my rototiller for a load of wood chips for the paths. But before I do that, I'm going to just put them in in a few places, and see how that goes first. I'm hoping to plant my fall garden in a lasagna bed or two made on the garden spot, and I want to turn the area near the deck and around the herb bed into different beds and paths as well.

I put a request on Craigslist today for someone to deliver manure here. I've been really needing manure, because seriously, you just can't garden organically without it, but without a truck to use for hauling, I'm at a loss of how to get it in large quantities. So I posted that I'd like someone to deliver it, and asked them to offer a price for delivery or maybe be willing to barter for baking or sewing. I've gotten two replies so far, asking how much I want, so it looks like it might work out well. I'm glad because a lot of time I post things on Craigslist and get no replies. Neither person mentioned anything about payment yet though, so we'll see. I can't afford to pay too much for it, of course. Gardening is supposed to be saving money!

The weather has cooled down drastically. It's going to be a lovely weekend. I'm thinking I might try to drag Ben out for a picnic, but only if he wants to. I'm sure he's pretty tired and probably wants to just be home for a while. But who'd want to waste such beautiful weather! Cool and sunny is my favorite kind of weather. Well, slightly warmer and overcast is pretty good too. That's my favorite for mowing the lawn.

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Mary said...

I like Lasagna gardening. The garden plants love it too. I haven't used a rototiller for many years now. The only thing is there is that horrible grass that winds through it but the good thing is that it will be easy to pull out because of all the organic material. And another plus is when you get lots of rain your plants will not drown because it soaks it up. Another plus is you don't have all the mud and you can work your garden when the rest of the yard is sopping wet.

BlueCastle said...

I know it's hard to have a husband who has to travel for his job. I hope it does get better for you. I remind myself the same thing - it could be worse. I have a friend whose husband is over in Afghanistan for a year. He's got about 9 months left. I don't know how she's surviving. It would be so hard.

Hope you get your load of manure. :)

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