Monday, July 13, 2009


I've been trying to change around my routines a bit, and my blogging has gotten a little lost in the shuffle in the last week or so, while I've been trying to revamp things. This is where I am so far in my schedule, though I'm trying to work out to fit everything in, and how to schedule in flexible time for when things get much busier, like during canning times.

6-7am Get up, take medicine, let chickens out, feed cats, sift litter and put out trash, put away clean dishes, wash dirty dishes, get Ben's lunch together and visit with him before he leaves, make the bed, and start a load of laundry

7-7:30am Breakfast and time to read and have tea or juice, take medicine that goes with food

7:30-8:30am Work outside at various tasks, like raking mulch and mulching garden beds, or weeding vegetables and front landscaping, or planting, or building new veggie beds, or (hopefully soon) harvesting, hang out laundry

8:30-9:30am Work inside at deep cleaning a room at a time around the house, declutter and organize
When the tomato harvest starts, this time will probably start being devoted to cleaning and processing those, same for the squash and beans.

9:30-10am Shower, shave legs, wash hair, get dressed and styled

10-11:30am Blog and write associated content articles, work on t-shirt designs, etc, visit with neighbor during this time once a week as well

11:30-12pm Chicken chores (refilling feeders/waterers, collecting eggs, giving treats), get mail, and open and sort mail, start lunch

12-12:30pm Lunch and reading

12:30-1pm Bring in laundry and put away, take care of any correspondence or bills from the mail, return phone calls, prepare any packages or letters to be sent, if there's none of that, reading time

1-4pm Sewing, knitting, cleaning if needed, food processing during that season, reading on slow days, commenting on blogs or other articles, promoting articles, baking, make ahead cooking, menu planning and grocery list, finish writing articles or take pictures for blog, work on anything not finished in the morning

4-5pm Prepare dinner and put away clean dishes, wash lunch dishes, sweep kitchen and dining room

5-bedtime Have dinner, hang out with Ben, knit or whatever while we visit or watch tv

Now, just watch all that go out the window when the busy canning times come, lol. I'm just hoping to have add a bit more structure to my day with this list anyway, and maybe keep on top of the not so pressing chores like dusting and weeding the front flower beds by being more consistent with assigning times for them. Of course, not every day can follow this plan either, like on the days that I mow the lawn, that's pretty much the entire morning, so some of the morning things are shuffled to the afternoon. But I'm definately the kind of person who needs instructions to get things done sometimes, so even if I'm the one who's written the instructions, it'll keep me more directed on my less motivated days to have the reference.

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Julie said...

That is a very ambitious and worthwhile schedule! Bravo! I wish my workless days looked so good!

Bethany said...

Jules, thanks. I'm thinking I should have scheduled a naptime too though!

Adam J. said...

6:30 am - 5pm

scour my yard for four leaf clovers.


Bethany said...


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