Thursday, July 23, 2009

Ugh...Just, Ugh...

There's some sort of hideous fungal monster incubating under the straw mulch in the garden. I found it today while I was weeding the squash hills. I'm repulsed and drawn to it at the same time. It's so... uck. I'm scared.

So, it's some sort of hard and waxy type of thing. Not that I touched it with my bare hands, but that's how it seemed through my gardening gloves. And it's it clumps and clusters that seem to be sort of rooted in the ground.
Does anyone know what this is? Should I try to get it out? Can I just cover it back up and pretend it's not there and hope it doesn't find it's way into my nightmares? It won't kill my squash, will it?
Thanks ladies, I know I can count on you for comfort when confronted with the scary underworld of gardening.

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Bonnie Story said...

Hi! My instinct is that it's not a bad thing, and that it actually speaks volumes about your good soil, and the hard work you put in to getting it that way. I would just knock it over with your hoe if you like, but leave it there and it will most likely decompose and continue to nourish your soil. Most fungi critters like that have very, very short life spans above ground. Great posts lately, by the way - I have a little case of Excalibur-envy, and I can't wait to see what you do with it! Will you make fruit leather - yummy.

Bethany said...

Thanks for the advice. For some reason, I'm very squeamish about fungus and such, so I really didn't want to go trying to clean it out.

I'm thinking fruit leather, and all sorts of things! I can't wait till the cherry tomatoes start ripening, those will be the first big drying project, I think.

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