Friday, August 21, 2009

Green Smoothies Gone PURPLE!

I'll admit it. I have a hard time eating all the fruits and vegetables I should. I do serve veggies in our lunches and plan fruit for breakfasts, but I tend to forget at dinner time to make sure there's a veggie, and even if I remember, it's not nearly the amount I should be eating. I just don't enjoy them as much as other foods, and wasn't really raised to eat them. I suspect that a lot of people have the same problem when it comes to having learn healthy eating.

So, I've been counteracting that! In addition to including the veggie sides on my weekly menus, and planning vegetarian meals more often, Ben and I have been making and drinking a weekly green smoothie. Actually, they're purple colored, but green because they include veggies as well as fruit.

Here's my favorite recipe that we've developed so far:

About a 1/2 cup of orange juice
A couple of cups of spinach
1 cucumber
4 stalks of celery
1 apple
1/2 inch or so of ginger, peeled
1 other fruit (plums, grapes, strawberries, peaches... whatever we pick up that week)
1 cup or so of frozen blueberries
the juice of one lemon or lime

I use the stick blender to blend this all up together (though I'm sure a regular blender would be better, if I had one), grinding each new addition completely and then adding the next ingredient chopped into big pieces. I leave the peels on the cucumbers and the fruits.

If, like my sister, you prefer to have protein in combination with your carbs, you could also add whey protein powder or yogurt. I've never tried that, so I don't know if it would be good or not. Personally, I'd probably just have some boiled egg whites at the same time.

We split this between us, and we each get about four cups of smoothie from this recipe. I like to make it when Ben gets home, and then we drink it while I fix dinner, because that's the time of day we're both hungriest and most likely to overeat. It makes a great breakfast too.

This smoothie is really tasty, and if you don't mind drinking thick, slightly chunky things, it makes it really simple to fill right up on the good for us stuff. One drawback I can see is that it is a bit time consuming to make, especially since everything has to be cleaned up right away, to avoid the little pieces drying on and becoming impossible to remove. So, on very busy days, it's not too practical. I've been trying to think of some ways to make it more convenient, like freezing it or maybe drying it like a leather? I'd also like to solve the problem of having to buy things to make it out of season. One thought I had was to stock up on the ingredients in bulk, either locally or homegrown, as they come into season, and then freeze that puree in muffin pans to make indivual serving purees. Then these could just be thrown together and allowed to thaw and mix in the right proportions. I'll have to experiment with that part of it, I guess.

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Alison said...

I make smoothies a lot, usually with just whatever I have in the fridge at the time. I also have a juicer, which is wonderful.

Kristen's Raw said...

Sounds delish!


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