Monday, August 24, 2009

Linky Day

If St. Paul Annoys You...
I just read a fascinating post on the nature of obedience and leadership here.

Conversion Diary is an excellent blog that's quite well written, and always gives me tons of inspiration and lots to think over.

I'm Completely on the Ree Bandwagon
Ree Drummond has a beautiful and very multifaceted blog. And the readership and advertising to back it up. My favorite parts are the recipes and food photos.

According to the Hole in my Purse
I need to make some of these. Soon.

Only 122 days till Christmas
So I may be putting this off till Christmas 2o1o

What's more ridiculous...
spending hours and hours online watching role playing games, or spending hours of you life online watch hilariously fun shows about people who spend hours playing role playing games?

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