Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Mid Season Gardening Slump

I'm feeling a little sick of my garden lately. Maybe I'm just feeling sick of summer. I get like that about summer, I have opposite-SAD. Or it could be that I've been babying and mulching and weeding since May, and I have yet to harvest much of anything. I'm not complaining about that, because it's all definately on it's way. I'm just thinking that might account for the lack of motivation. I'll be glad when there are tomatoes to can and green beans to eat. And I can only imagine that it'll be exciting to make a pie from those sunberries when they ripen!

I've got some solutions for my slump though. Next week, I'm going to be able to get away for a couple of days. Ben's driving to Chicago for a meeting, and I get to tag along (because he's a super-awesome husband) and stay at the hotel. Pretend I'm a lady of leisure and clean the dirt out from under my nails. We'll be staying by the lakefront, so I'll really be getting away from it all.

And in a few weeks, my mom and sister will be visiting, and there's really nothing like visitors who will show an interest to jumpstart my enthusiasm for my projects.

I bought some beautiful magazines last week about homemaking called Seasons at Home, and they came today. I'm excited and tempted to jump right in and read them all, but I think I'll just start with one, and save the rest for reading while I relax in the car and at the hotel next week.

I ignored the garden today, and cleaned and baked instead. Then I knit, and I un-monkeyfied the baby sweater I'm making. I just have to put on the neck ribbing, sew on the buttons and weave in the ends, and it'll be all finished. Then I might break out that beautiful new wool I got on Saturday and seen how the colors will look knit up together.

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