Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Sunberries - A week later

I wouldn't usually bother to post plant updates just a week a part, but these crazy plants grew so much since I took a picture last week, that I just had to go take another picture and show you all. The one above is the same picture I posted last Tuesday.

And here are the pictures that I just took this morning. I swear, you can practically see this thing growing. I had to hold the camera way higher in order to get all of it into the picture too.

This is just two plants, and I had them spaced two feet apart, but maybe I should have given them more room. They're starting to crowd the pepper plants in the row next to them a bit. If they keep growing so crazy, I might have to try to stake them away from the peppers or something.
Still, none have ripened, so I don't know yet if this big growth spurt is a really great thing, or if it just means more berries that we might not like.

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the inadvertent farmer said...

I've never heard of sunberries...hmmm I'm gonna have to google them! I love a hearty plant! Kim

Bonnie Story said...

Those guys are so vigorous that they do well off to themselves, where you can actually get a mower around their area. Kinda like rhubarb that way. I think you will like the berries!

Worknprogress said...

wondering if they are like "garden huckleberries" (aka nightshade)? the leaves look like them= same plant.

Bonnie Story said...

Hi Bethany, Here's another reference to Sunberries (by Nancy Ondra!)... I sure don't recognize this plant -- wonder if it's what you are growing, or the tomatillo-related "sunberry"/"ground cherry" that my neighbor is growing?


Check it out. Have a great day!!

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