Friday, August 07, 2009

"The time has come", the Beppy said,

"to talk of many things..."

I'm really looking forward to seeing all these sunflowers bloom. They'll be so cheerful looking! There's two rows to the right in the photo as well, that I planted two weeks after these very large ones were planted. I'm hoping that some of them will be blooming in Sept for my sister's birthday when she and my mom visit.
Work is continuing on my plan to put lasagna style garden beds everywhere it's hard to get the lawn mower. I weed wacked very close to the ground, soaked lots of newspapers and cardboard, and started layering.

On top of all that, I piled on the grass clippings. That's all the layers I have so far, but someday maybe I'll get some manure. A girl can dream, can't she? Actually, a guy with a horse farm not far from here is supposed to be delivering some this weekend, so that'll be great if he follows through.

Gooseberry Tart. I've had these berries in the freezer since last summer when we house-sat for the neighbors and picked their bushes when they were gone. Ben liked it, but I didn't care for it at all. Those things are sour! It was like pickled cherries or something. I won't be planting gooseberries any time soon.

I embroidered these napkins as part of the Blue and Brown swap I was in recently. I made a set of four, and soon I'm planning a how-to post on an easy way to embroider the corners of napkins. I loved these so much, I really had to talk myself into adding them to the swap box. I'll have to make myself a set before fall, and I'm thinking that a matching table runner with squirrels would be really great. I love squirrels.
I did more work on the garden bed around the deck this morning, and I'm headed out to hang my laundry as soon as I finish this post. Other than that, the big job today is just cleaning up the livingroom a bit. It's a bit of a mess because Ben was gone all this week, and I live like a 15 year old boy when he's away. But he's home now (YAY!), so I'll get things pretty and relaxing in time for the weekend. Maybe I'll make some pasta salad as a treat for him later. There's a really yummy looking healthy recipe from Ellie Krieger in my latest Food Network Magazine.
Guess I'd better get on with my day, so I can pretend to be a lady of leisure later on and knit while Ben does pizza night! Have I mentioned before that I love Pizza Night? :D

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Alison said...

My mom had a gooseberry bush in her front yard, she may still have it for all I know. They were always so sweet and good. Hers were green and it looks like yours are red. Maybe there are different varieties?

Bethany said...

They were green before I picked them. I thought I was supposed to wait for them to be red. Maybe they get sour-er instead of sweeter?

Alison said...

Maybe you're right. I think I just have a bad memory.... well, really, there's no maybe about it. I have a really bad memory.

the inadvertent farmer said...

I start my new beds that exact way also...saves the back breaking labor of turning sod, which I hate almost as much as laundry! First time visiting, fun blog, Kim

BlueCastle said...

I LOVE those napkins you made. I have them in my kitchen hutch, in a place of honor. Love, love, LOVE them. :)

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