Thursday, September 17, 2009


I love my blog. It's absolutely one of my favorite hobbies, and definately one that touches on all my other interests and hobbies, since they're all reported and recorded here.

I find that blogging helps to keep me on track and become better at what I do. It connects me to other people and inspires me. It definately makes me feel very good about myself to help and teach other people through my blog as well.

I'm feeling a little sorry for my neglected blog lately, since I have a hard time getting to post while I travel or have visitors, which seems to have been happening a bit lately. And now I'm heading off for a wedding in GA this weekend, so I probably won't be posting again till Tuesday. Poor blog...

But I hope to have some fun new topics and lots of interesting pictures to share, once I get back into my blogging groove again.

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1 comment:

Melonie said...

Sounds very familiar! Mine's been so neglected too. Whoops! Ah well - life happens. ;-)

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