Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Catching Up

Well, my mom and my sister, Angie, have been here since last Thursday. I have been having so much fun with them! But they wore me out. I don't know if I've been out and away from my house so much ever, not counting actually going somewhere on vacation.

They dragged me to the mall (I'm so not a shopper!), and even that was fun, since I got to hang out with them. And I got a bunch of much needed shirts, because I was starting to have a hard time finding clothes in my closet that were still fit for appearing in public. I seem to only have a handful of clothes in the rotation at a time, so they wear out and become pretty used looking fairly quickly. Now I have some new things for going out, and I can retire the worn looking things for everyday and working.

We visited St. Charles, which really is awesome, and I highly recommend to anyone in the area that if they get the chance, it's really worth the time to visit the adorable shops and see all the historical sites!

Last night was our big finale, StitchNPitch!!! It was so much fun, and the shirts we made were a big hit! And quick, someone write it down: I was the only person in the group who didn't want to leave a baseball game early! It was super awesome fun, and I'll definately post more about it tomorrow. We were even on the news a little, and the reporter borrowed the phrase Angie came up with for our shirts, "Knit One, Purl Two... Strike Three!" She asked her permission first, though, and Angie was flattered.


Today, I'm hoping to rest a little. Maybe I'll take a bath, since I have the big whirlpool tub all cleaned and disinfected, because I wanted it available for our company. It's usually very dusty, and more of a chore to get it ready for a bath than the bath is worth. I am working on the sleeves for my sweater. I made good progress on them last night at the game, and of course there's plenty of work to do too. Laundry, tomato harvesting, mowing the lawn, cleaning out the chicken coop, and generally cleaning up all my clutter from a week of not cleaning up clutter and shopping.

There's lots of exciting tidbits and pictures coming up in the week, plus a trip to GA on the weekend. It's a busy fun time!

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