Tuesday, September 01, 2009

Chicken Scandals

Wow, the mention of scandal in the coop sure does pique interest!

The other day, in an idle moment, I tweeted about putting a webcam in the chicken coop. Well, I guess the flock has been following me on twitter, and they were pretty excited about it. When I explained I was joking, they began a campaign to show me they're ready for reality TV. Their methods include flashing passing raccoons, fermenting their feed and getting very drunk on it, and arguing violently about which one stole which one's boyfriend, which hen's turn it is to clean the kitchen, and who has formed an alliance. Number 3 actually slapped number 5 the other day in an attempt to prove to me that filming her would make good television.
Okay, the actual scandals were just that they haven't been laying as many eggs, and I'm concerned about integrating the two new ones which will be happening next month... but after the curiosity you all showed yesterday, I didn't want to disappoint. ;)

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Captain's Wife - Jennifer said...

LOL :) I don't think I ever get tired of hearing about chickens. :) One of these days I realy need to get me some!

Anonymous said...

Wow! For a minute there, i thought you were going to become the "Jerry Springer" of televised chicken misbehaviour. :o)

Sorry they aren't laying as many eggs. You know it's because you went on vacation, they found out about it, and were sore that you didn't bring them along. :O) Our chickens never fail to protest our absense. :o)


Bonnie Story said...

Oh, that is so funny!! I have been watching some "reality" shows on Bravo lately and it's all about the slappin' and hen-peckin'. I do like the webcam idea... I adore just watching the chickens mill about in my neighbor's coop yard, they just cluck to themselves, find stuff to peck, and check out what the other birds are doing, all day... it's hypnotic!

Bethany said...

I'm glad you all thought that was funny... I was a bit concerned you'd think I'd gone off my rocker.

See, all the animals on the place have specific personalities and sometimes we can even tell what they're saying. Blame Ben, he encourages the craziness! :)

BlueCastle said...

Chickens are funny and weird. It would be hilarious to film them. :) Hope their egg production improves.

Julie said...

Don't forget the cat fights. It is just impossible to have that many hormonal women in the same place and someone not get their eyes pecked out. LOL!

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