Tuesday, September 08, 2009

An Eventful Weekend

I wrote this post this morning, but couldn't get it to publish. I'll try again now. I'm about at 50% on that to-do list. Oh, and:

Congratulations to my brother, Adam, on helping to lead Midland to victory as the Best Tennis Town, USA!!

Well, it was a nice weekend, but quite eventful as well. On Friday, one of the hens was limping, and looked quite droopy and panting. We decided to separate her from the rest, since we were pretty sure they weren't letting her eat or drink. We set her up in her very own cage, and she looked much better once she had food and water to herself. By yesterday morning, she was up and active, and wasn't limping anymore, so last night, we put her back into the coop with the others. I'll be keeping an eye on her, to make sure that she continues to do all right, and get plenty of food and water.

We also had some fun this weekend. We went out on Sunday with our friend Ken to the Japanese festival at the Missouri Botanical Gardens. Such a beautiful place! And we saw a very fun cooking demonstration.

Now I've got to buckle down and get to work. My mom and oldest sister are coming to visit, and are arriving bright and early Thursday morning, so I want to be ready when they get here. I have a homemakers' club meeting tomorrow, so I want to to get as much done today as possible. I'm planning to mow the lawn, spray down the front porch, wipe down the kitchen counters, vaccum the couches and chair, sweep and mop the floors, and set up the air mattress in my sewing room/guest room. We'll see how much of that I accomplish, but I'm hoping to do it all. :) Here I go!

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Bonnie Story said...

Go-go-go!! Glad that hen is doing better. Perhaps a touch egg-bound? Just a guess. Cheers!

Bethany said...

I enjoy the cheering!
I'm not sure... I'd limp, if I were egg bound. But she was laying every day we had her on her own, so I'm thinking probably not? I'm just glad she's better again!

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