Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Now my hands just smell like balloons...

I was planning to roast and then dehydrate these habaneros and hot portugal peppers today, but I guess I'm just too wimpy. I got as far as slicing them in half before my throat started burning. I suppose I'll have to leave it up to Ben, if he'd like them preserved. That's fair though, because I wouldn't eat any of them anyway, lol.
I was wearing latex gloves, to protect my skin, and now the smell won't come off. Not a big deal, but it's kind of giving me a headache. I was thinking to try lotion, but I thought that might make it worse, by mixing the two smells together. So maybe lemon juice would do it. That works for garlic.
The pepper plants are all doing really fantastically. I'm pretty impressed, since this small harvest is just the first, and there are many many more out on the plants waiting to ripen. They're good while they're still green too, so I'm pretty sure we'll be able to use them all. But I'm definately sticking to the bell peppers from now on, and leaving the hot peppers to Ben!

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