Wednesday, September 30, 2009


I started my day yesterday like I start every other day. I walked out to the chicken coops, opened the doors, swished out the waterers, and changed the mason jar feeder for the pullets. I was carrying the empty jar back to the house and trying to pull my sleeves down, because, seriously, it is cold in the mornings now! On my way up the deck steps, I didn't pick one of my feet up high enough, caught my toe on the step, and fell right down onto the deck. I twisted so I wouldn't land right on the mason jar, and fell on my stomach and arms.

I don't remember hitting my head, but the splitting headache and the nausea later on suggested that I might have. But even if I didn't hit it on my way down to the deck, I certainly wacked it a good one on the pullet cage later on in the morning when I went out to refill waterers, collect eggs, and give treats.

My pupils stayed the right size, though the headache still hasn't really gone away. So if there is a concussion, it's not a very serious one at all.

Other things I did yesterday include making a batch of yogurt, a loaf of bread, and a ton of favors for a baby shower that's happening this weekend. I'd post pictures of the shower favors, but then they wouldn't really be a surprise. I'll be sure to take pictures when they're all put together at the party, and post them when we get back next week.

I finished up the favor making this morning, so now I can put all the scrapbooking stuff back away, and get the folding table out of the living room.

Seems like this week is just flying by.

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Captain's Wife - Jennifer said...

Goodness Bethany...your Tuesday totally sounded like a MONDAY! :) Looking forward to seeing the party favors. And it amazes me how much you got done despite the fall! :) Hope your head feels better soon!

Worknprogress said...

Oh no! I hope your headache goes away soon and you are feeling better.

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