Thursday, September 03, 2009

A Vignette

The scene:
Our storage area, where I'm proudly showing Ben that every canning jar in the house has been sorted and stacked neatly according to size, ready for the produce.

Ben: That looks good, hone... (shifting his gaze slightly behind me) Oh My God!!
Me: (frozen in place for a second) What? What is it? What?
Ben: Get away!

Upon recieving no answer about what the danger could be, I push past him, and run away, out of the room, closing the door behind me. Trapping him in, with... it.

Of course, he wasn't really trapped, there is a handle on that side of the door as well. And "it" was just a mouse that was on the shelf behind me. I wouldn't have been as scared of a mouse, they're not what frightens me. I was afraid it was a bug getting in my hair. Or a crab or lobster. Yes, I'm terrified of them. No, you may not ask how I could possibly be scared there'd be a lobster in my attic.

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Melonie said...


Well, I'm happy to say I didn't find a mouse in my storage area last night while I was reorganizing things.

I did, however, find a box of batterires that had either gotten wet (the box was paperboard, for keeping photos in, originally) or had a leaking battery (I don't think so though, the smell was wrong).... so anyway, I noticed the box felt funny when I picked it up... and looked on the underside which looked like it may have gotten wet. No surprise since I had a water storage container spring a leak on me during our typhoon warning....

ANYWHO, I opened that box and OH MY WORD - I am willing to bet the interior was at least as fuzzy as your mousy friend. LOL

Needless to say I had to toss the whole thing and scrub scrub SCRUB my hands. Ew. Thankfully it was contained in the, ur, container LOL but I'll still be disinfecting my shelves...thank goodness they are plastic!

SOOO did I miss the photo of said wonderfully organized and sorted canning jars? Or are you waiting to show those off once they are full? :-P

Bethany said...

Ugh. And did you throw up a little in the back of your throat? Icky.

I guess I can take a photo, but I'm sure it wouldn't be very impressive, since it's just labeled boxes. And, shameful, I know, it's not like everything around them is very well organized, lol.

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